Zebras herd on African savanna at sunset. Safari in Serengeti

What does Africa mean to you? Do you long to go on safari; to stay in luxury tented camps and spot sleepy lions, gangly giraffes and playful baby elephants? How about a beach holiday in a chilled-out hotel with blissful spa treatments and fantastic diving? Or maybe you’d like to discover Cape Town, the Garden Route and South Africa’s winelands.


The mini continent of Madagascar lies in the Indian Ocean off the south-east coast of Africa. It is truly a lost world, with relics of fauna and flora dating back to the world of dinosaurs. Every creature and plant is just a little off centre and like nothing anywhere else on earth, making it a […]


The Republic of Botswana is a landlocked country constituted by a vast plateau that provides a natural habitat for a huge variety of African wildlife. This scenic wonderland draws thousands of tourists from around the world throughout the year. Most visitors arrive under the auspices of expensive safari-package operators. At the time that it gained […]


Egypt is the world’s premier tourist destination for historical sightseeing. From the mysterious and awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza, to the Nile’s West Bank, to the 3,000-year-old temples of Abu Simbel and the beguilingly beautiful Coptic Cairo, those with an interest in ancient civilisation will find themselves in seventh heaven while on holiday in Egypt. However, […]


Like a long splinter inserted into the side of Africa, just at the bulge, Gambia is a low, narrow strip of a country that stretches inland from the beautiful West African coast, following the course of the majestic River Gambia. It may be the smallest country in Africa, sandwiched between north and south Senegal, but […]


 Kenya has held a powerful attraction for visitors ever since early explorers and intrepid settlers brought back tales of endless plains filled with antelope, man-eating lions, mountain peaks and perfect beaches. The country is certainly the premier African safari destination, offering unparalleled wild game experiences in its iconic parks: the Masai Mara with its vast […]


Superlatives run short when describing Morocco, an enchanting land full of mystery and wonder. One of Africa’s top tourist destinations, welcoming nearly 10 million annual visitors, travellers from all over the globe have worn well-trodden paths through the country’s bustling souqs and medieval medinas, its dusty deserts and its snow-capped Atlas Mountains; however, it continues […]

South Africa

From a turbulent history, South Africa has emerged in the last several decades as a leading nation in both Africa and the world. Since the end of Apartheid and the establishment of a democratic government in the 1990s, South Africa’s borders have opened to a flood of tourists who come to enjoy the country’s stunning […]


Tanzania, the largest country in east Africa, is a tourist jewel that is too often overlooked by visitors to Africa. Home to the continent’s highest peak (in the form of Mount Kilimanjaro), its lowest depression (the bed of Lake Tanganyika), its most famous national park (the Serengeti) and part of its largest lake (Lake Victoria), […]


Modern-day visitors to Tunisia are generally divided into two camps: those who come for its sun-kissed beach resorts on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea; and those who come to experience its archaeological wonders, which include the remains of the ancient empire of Carthage, Rome’s greatest adversary. However, all who visit Tunisia are amazed by […]


Most visitors to Mauritius choose package-tour holidays and stay at one of the island’s magnificent resorts. The capital, Port Louis, is the tourist hub of the island, but there are literally hundreds of excellent beach resorts lining the Mauritian coast. The pick of the bunch, The Royal Palm Hotel, has been hailed by Forbes as […]