Kata Tjuta - the Olgas

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  While modern-day Australia might have started life as a British prison colony, it has evolved into one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. Visitors to Australia will delight in its exciting, cosmopolitan cities, fantastic weather and famously beautiful coastline, as well as the friendly nature of the locals that they encounter. Australia – a […]

Cook Islands

The 15 Cook Islands are scattered across the south Pacific over about 772,204 square miles (2 million sq km), an area the size of India. These unspoilt Polynesian tropical gems have the combined population of an average country town: about 14,000 unique and friendly souls. Most Cook Islanders dwell on the capital island of Rarotonga, […]


One of the world’s more exotic destinations, Fiji is a tropical paradise in the South Pacific made up of 322 islands nearly two thousand miles (3,219km) east of Australia. Once feared as the haunt of cannibals and fierce warrior tribes, today Fiji is regarded as being inhabited by supremely friendly and welcoming people who are […]

New Zealand

Though the island nation is geographically small, the sweeping landscapes seem immense to awestruck visitors taking in the jagged mountain peaks, rolling hills, sparkling beaches, scenic fjords, raging rivers and pristine lakes that make up the stunning scenery of New Zealand. New Zealand is an adventures paradise, with opportunities to try activities like scuba diving, […]