Caribbean beach.

The Caribbean provides the ideal hideaway, windswept beaches where the only footprints are yours; coral reefs fringing pristine white sand and undiscovered coves. For the romantic there are lush tropical gardens and dramatic stretches of coastline along the shores of Barbados to explore; private islands for afternoon picnics by warm turquoise waters. Find blissful seclusion trekking the dense rainforests of Jamaica or drift like a castaway amongst the picture perfect islands of Turks and Caicos. The hotspots of St Barths are a magnet to the jet-set, whilst the colourful market places of Antigua and St Lucia burst with fruits and handicrafts.


The Caribbean islands stretch in a glorious arc from the tip of Florida to the top of South America. The eastern islands are those of your dreams, with wonderful beaches, lush vegetation and warm waters. But distance, geography and climate give the islands individual characters, as does the wealth of different cultural influences. Known as […]

Antigua and Barbuda

In 1784, Admiral Horatio Nelson chose Antigua, situated in the centre of the Leeward Islands, as the base for Great Britain’s Caribbean Fleet. It is hard not to see why, as the island boasts a varied coastline with secure docking points, a protective coral reef and steady trade winds. Add to that shimmering sandy beaches, […]


The 29 islands, 661 cays, and 2,387 islets that make up the Bahamas are a paradise of hidden treasures for holidaymakers to explore. The laidback attitude of life in the Bahamas is infectious, as is the party atmosphere that comes to life during festivals like Junkanoo and in the lively bars and nightclubs of Nassau […]


There are very few countries in the world as richly and immediately evocative as Cuba. Just the mention of its name seems to conjure images of faded Spanish-Colonial buildings, 1950s-era American cars parked on sun-soaked street corners, and salsa dancing to the libidinous beat of Afro-Cuban rhythms. Broadly speaking, Cuba attracts two kinds of tourists. […]

Dominican Republic

There are two sides to the Dominican Republic, just like there are two sides of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, which the Dominican Republic shares with neighbouring Haiti. On one side, tourists languish in luxury inside the confines of the many resort hotels along the beautiful coastline, sipping cocktails under the palm trees and bathing […]


The Caribbean’s most famous island, Jamaica is a world heavyweight tourist destination, offering visitors a heady cocktail of sublime weather, pristine beaches, fun cities and interesting cultural attractions. Although Jamaica is an incredibly popular place to visit – and retains very few ‘off the beaten track’ areas to explore – mass tourism has not spoiled […]

St. Lucia

St Lucia is indeed a Caribbean dream: a small, lush tropical gem of an island that is still relatively unknown and undeveloped, although it does offer a good variety of accommodation for tourists, including a few discreet resorts. St Lucia is one of the Windward isles of the Lesser Antilles, situated midway down the Eastern […]

Turks And Caicos Islands

The friendly Turks and Caicos islanders, known as the ‘belongers’, rely almost solely on tourism for their livelihood and therefore welcome visitors to this Caribbean British Crown Colony with open arms. The ‘TCI’, as the archipelago is known colloquially, is situated at the end of the Bahamas chain, 575 miles (925km) southeast of Miami, Florida. […]