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From the exotic gardens of Madeira to the World Heritage sites on Rhodes; from sophisticated city luxury in Lisbon to exclusivity on Gozo, and from enviable gastronomy and magnificent architecture in Italy to the stark contrasts of Andalucia, Europe has it all. Whether it’s a short break in a city to an extended stay anyway, we will be able to help you with your choice. We can offer everything from small intimate boutique properties to impressive resort hotels designed to pamper – the choice.


Andorra is a tiny dot on the map; an independent Principality dwarfed by France and Spain, most famous for being a tax haven and a popular tourist destination peppered with summer and winter resorts. Following centuries of struggle between the counts and the bishops of Urgell for the surrounding valleys, Andorra came into being in […]


Despite its small size, Belgium could easily be mistaken for several countries, each with their own distinct personality; Flemish Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia can feel as different as France and Germany. Sandwiched between London, Paris, and Amsterdam, Belgium packs in a variety of cities and landscapes that offer many attractions for visitors. While most of […]


With a long and beautiful coastline flanked by more than a thousand islands, Croatia has become one of Europe’s most popular holiday regions. Croatia has only recently emerged as a tourism hot spot after many years of civil unrest, but tourists are losing no time in taking advantage of the country’s many attractions. Croatia’s capital, […]


Like many Scandinavian countries, Denmark is a cosmopolitan and modern society with a proud history going back to the Viking Age, making it a fascinating holiday destination in Northern Europe. Although it is often overlooked by tourists ‘doing the Continent’, Denmark’s rolling countryside and gleaming cities have much to offer holidaymakers. Mainland Denmark is located […]


Estonia is a beguiling mix of the ultra-modern and firmly traditional, a northern Baltic land of primeval forests, rivers, and sea islands, with one of the smallest populations of any country in the world. Most Estonians have opted for city life, leaving the countryside rather wild and filled with rare birds, plants and roaming deer, […]


< There isn’t a single travel destination that has the romantic pull of France. Idealised by millions all over the world, thoughts of France involve champagne on the Eiffel Tower, cruises on the Seine, bicycling through wine country and exploring the resorts of the Côte d’Azur. A holiday in France offers a wide variety of […]


Emerging from a troubled 20th century history like a BMW with a re-tuned engine, Germany is now one of the most stable and progressive countries in the world, boasting the largest national economy in the European Union and an enviably high quality of life. It also happens to be a country that is home to […]


Greece has captured the world’s imagination with its ancient culture and fantastical myths. Visions of vengeful gods and goddesses, massive armies led by generals riding in chariots, and great philosophers discussing ground-breaking ideas dance in the heads of the millions of tourists who flock to the country each year to visit world-famous sites like the […]


Italy, the historical centre of the Roman Empire, boasts more cultural sights and attractions than you could ever hope to see in a single visit. In fact, Italy lays claim to more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world (47 in total), and many of these awe-inspiring attractions – often rather […]


Dubbed ‘the open air museum of the Mediterranean’, Malta is a compelling country, bursting with interesting historical sights and spectacular natural scenery. The country is comprised of three islands: Malta Island, the largest and most visited of the three; Gozo, famous for its gentle hills and tranquil atmosphere; and Comino, a small and isolated island […]


Norway is a wildly beautiful country of snow-capped mountains and deep glacier-carved fjords. The astounding scenery of the southwestern fjordland is the main draw card for tourists, but there are many incentives to visit this sparsely inhabited country. It offers remote wildernesses and outdoor activities, fairy-like forests, historic towns and charming fishing villages, down to […]


If you were to ask most travellers to draw up a list of their top 10 dream holiday destinations, it would be a safe bet to suggest that Spain would feature on every single one of them. Seeing nearly 53 million visitors a year, Spain is among the most popular tourist destination in the world. […]


The land of the ancient Vikings and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Sweden has a split personality according to the seasons. In the summer, idyllic weather allows tourists and locals alike to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, swimming and other sports late into the evening as the Midnight Sun shines until nearly 11pm. However, […]

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is widely considered to be a fail-safe tourist destination: a vibrant, friendly country full of fascinating cultural sights and beautiful natural scenery, it seems impossible to have a bad time in the Netherlands. From its fun-loving capital of Amsterdam, to the historically-rich towns of Delft and Groningen, to its tulip- and windmill-strewn countryside, […]


Turkey just may be the ultimate holiday destination: in one thrilling, sun-kissed package tourists can discover perfect beaches, ancient ruins, epic religious sites, wonderful food, glorious scenery and a resoundingly warm welcome form the famously friendly local people. Turkey includes tremendous variety in its vast borders: the west and east coast beach resorts offer pristine […]

United Kingdom

No matter where you decide to travel within the UK, you are bound to be bowled over by the sheer weight and significance of its history, as an unending procession of historic towns and cities and important cultural sights greets you upon your arrival on the British Isles. The United Kingdom (which is also referred […]