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Kenya has held a powerful attraction for visitors ever since early explorers and intrepid settlers brought back tales of endless plains filled with antelope, man-eating lions, mountain peaks and perfect beaches. The country is certainly the premier African safari destination, offering unparalleled wild game experiences in its iconic parks: the Masai Mara with its vast rolling grassland, Amboseli’s regal elephant herds, and the dramatic vistas of the Great Rift Valley. Peak safari time is the mid-year wildebeest migration – an unforgettable sight as millions of animals make an epic journey across the land seeking fresh pastures.

The physical diversity of the country is reflected in the many distinct cultural groups, although the distinctive Masai people are of most interest to tourists seeking the classic images of Kenya’s African identity. Kenya’s coastline offers treasures of its own with excellent beaches and resorts, many with pristine coral reefs to explore, all of which is easily accessed by regular flights to Mombasa, the country’s oldest and second-largest city. Most northern hemisphere visitors arrive seeking respite from the cold and are primed to enjoy Kenya’s near-perfect tropical climate and year-round sunshine. “Africa in one country” is the richly fulfilled promise of a holiday in Kenya.

Hot Air Balloon over the Masai Mara in Kenya
Zebras in Kenya
Masai Mara Tribe in Kenya, Africa

There is an abundance of things to see and do in Kenya, a country which boasts some of the African continent’s most famous and sought-after tourist attractions. Kenya is essentially a dream destination for African wildlife safaris and most of its attractions revolve around the incredible game reserves and the famous naturalists and wildlife professionals who have worked in the country. Game viewing in the ‘Land of the Lion King’ is a must, with quintessential destinations near Nairobi, like the Masai Mara National Reserve (where Out of Africa was filmed), while Hell�s Gate National Park is located in the Great Rift Valley. Visit Elsamere Conservation Centre, where Joy Adamson of Born Free lived, and take in the natural splendour of Lake Naivasha. Visit the Karen Blixen Museum and enjoy the Giraffe Centre and the Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage.

Another draw card for Kenyan tourism is the wonderful coastline and paradise beaches. The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are ideal for swimming and watersports and there are some well-preserved coral reefs to explore beneath the surface. There are a number of popular resorts along the Kenyan coast and Mombasa is an interesting port city. Kenya has pleasant weather throughout the year, making this a great beach holiday destination.