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Nestled along the tropical waters of the Gulf of Thailand and sharing boarders with Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, Cambodia has a lot to offer intrepid travellers. Travelling by tuk-tuk along the chaotic streets of Phnom Penh is an activity every tourist on holiday in Cambodia should experience. Travellers in Cambodia will turn their friends back home green with envy when recounting tales of days spent in the sun on one of Cambodia’s idyllic beaches near Sihanoukville or exploring the crumbling French villas of the once-trendy resort town of Krong Kep.

The easily accessible beauty of the Angkor temples is top of any list of things to do in Cambodia, but relaxing on a beach or diving in Cambodia’s part of the Gulf of Thailand is a close second.

Ankor Wat
Royal Palace
Siem Reap

Adventurous travellers can make the fun, and often eventful, trek to Rantanakiri where the alluring crystal clear waters of Yak Loum volcanic crater lake offer cool respite from the humidity of the surrounding jungle.

Tourists in Cambodia with some extra energy should book a trip to Siem Reap to coincide with the Angkor Wat International Half Marathon – a fantastic way to see the temples of Angkor for free. Visitors to Cambodia can enjoy top of the range hotels and spas, or more basic travel conveniences, while exploring a country rich with beauty, possibility and promise, and teeming with exotic cultural experiences to write home about.