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New Zealand

Though the island nation is geographically small, the sweeping landscapes seem immense to awestruck visitors taking in the jagged mountain peaks, rolling hills, sparkling beaches, scenic fjords, raging rivers and pristine lakes that make up the stunning scenery of New Zealand.

New Zealand is an adventures paradise, with opportunities to try activities like scuba diving, hot air ballooning, rock climbing, and other extreme sports; especially in adrenaline-packed Queenstown, the ‘extreme sport capital of the world’.

Yet the urban life and culture of New Zealand is just as fascinating, with the traditions of both Maori warriors and British settlers playing a part in everyday life. Major cities like Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington have excellent restaurants and nightlife to entertain the most determined partiers, and fascinating museums and cultural attractions to satiate the NZ$19 billion tourism economy.

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Hobbit House New Zealand

Located seemingly at the end of the world, the long flight to New Zealand is off-putting for many travelers, however the rich rewards of a holiday spent in the ‘land of the long white cloud’ are immeasurable.

There is so much to see and do in New Zealand that it is difficult to know where to start. This is, after all, the self-styled ‘adventure capital of the world’, where you can bungee jump, zorb and sky dive to your heart’s content. The splendid natural landscape lends itself equally well to hiking (they call it ‘tramping’ here), mountain biking, and general sightseeing.

New Zealand is also developing other sides to its tourist offering with a burgeoning wine industry, fascinating Maori culture, restorative thermal pools and natural spas, and plenty of tours themed around The Lord of the Rings, which was filmed at locations around the country.

Getting around is a breeze. You can cycle, or rent a camper van or motor car. In general the roads are excellent and very safe and there are plenty of domestic flights for getting between north and south islands destinations.