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Despite its small size, Belgium could easily be mistaken for several countries, each with their own distinct personality; Flemish Flanders and French-speaking Wallonia can feel as different as France and Germany. Sandwiched between London, Paris, and Amsterdam, Belgium packs in a variety of cities and landscapes that offer many attractions for visitors. While most of Belgium’s well-known cities, including Brussels, Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp, are in northern Belgium, the southern region of Wallonia offers quaint towns and beautiful landscapes largely ignored by tourists.

Belgium’s major cities are lively and cosmopolitan, with interesting modern attractions like the Centre of Comic Strip Art and Walibi Belgium amusement park to contrast with historical attractions that include museums, palaces and art galleries. Food lovers especially will want to spend a few days in Brussels sampling the delights of Belgian cuisine and the city’s renowned chocolate-makers. After dark the cities continue to buzz with music and nightlife, hosting many cultural events and festivals that delight both locals and foreign visitors.

Though often overlooked for its more famous neighbours, a holiday in Belgium offers attractions and activities to please travellers of all ages and interests.

Belfry Tower in Bruges Belgium

Atomium Brussels Belgium

Houses in Dinant Belgium

When it comes to world-class attractions and exciting sightseeing options Belgium packs a mighty punch for a country of such modest proportions. Take your pick from the heavyweight attractions and cosmopolitan thrills of the capital city Brussels, to the medieval charms of Bruges, and the lesser known historical treasures of Ghent. In between, you’ll find welcoming people, great food and Europe’s finest beer and chocolates to keep you energized.

Belgium is a year round destination too, although the countryside does look its best during the summer months of April to October. The transport infrastructure is excellent, and that makes getting around a true pleasure.

This is not a country to see from the confines of a tour bus, however. You need to get out on foot and explore the cobbled streets framed by medieval buildings; spend an afternoon on Grand Place watching the world go by; rent a bicycle and ride into the countryside alongside a burbling canal. However you choose to explore the pleasures of Belgium, spend some time here and you’ll be rewarded with one of Europe’s most underrated and overachieving destinations!