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With a long and beautiful coastline flanked by more than a thousand islands, Croatia has become one of Europe’s most popular holiday regions.

Croatia has only recently emerged as a tourism hot spot after many years of civil unrest, but tourists are losing no time in taking advantage of the country’s many attractions. Croatia’s capital, Zagreb, is a stately European city with beautiful architecture, lively culture and nightlife, and plenty of first-class shops and restaurants to entertain visitors.

Mountains, Split, Croatia

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The inland region of Croatia contrasts with the Dalmatian coast with its lush, forest-covered mountains and centuries-old castles. A paradise for outdoor activities like hiking and rock climbing, northern Croatia is also a great place to sample traditional Croatian culture, which dates back to Roman times.

The most popular holiday spots in Croatia are along the coast however; holiday resorts on the Adriatic rival the Greek islands for idyllic weather, stunning scenery and lively local culture, and cruises along the Croatian coast are gaining in popularity. Medieval cities like Dubrovnik and Split offer cultural and historical attractions, while tiny towns on islands like Krk and Hvar are a great place to escape the bustle of big cities and enjoy the pleasant Croatian climate.