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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka was formerly known as “Serendib” from which the word “Serendipity” originates and “Ceylon” more recently.

This country has long been known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean and is renowned for its diverse beauty. Roughly the size of Ireland it is located just off the southern coast of India and just three degrees above the equator.

Sri Lanka is awash with vibrant colours from the abundance of gloriously gold sand to the lush jungles entwined around ancient monuments beneath bright blue skies. It is a heady mix of the tropical and the mystical…a land where elephants roam freely and water buffalo idle in paddy fields and yellow robed Buddhist monks chant their hypnotic religious invocations.

Sigiriya Mountain, Sri Lanka

Elephants in the river in Rambukkana, Sri Lanka

Buddha Statue in Sri Lanka, Indian Ocean

The country offers a wide choice of attractions for the visitor from cultural sights including seven World Heritage sights, an abundance of wildlife with opportunities to see leopards and an elephant orphanage, lush tea plantations, tropical rainforests, cascading waterfalls and misty mountain tops.

Sri Lanka can be visited as a single centre destination with a private tour travelling in comfort and at your own pace or a small group tour followed by a beach stay or solely as a holiday at one of Sri Lanka’s best beach resorts. Alternatively it can be easily combined with the Maldives which is just a one hour flight away.