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It is easy to be captivated by the thought of a holiday in Peru, exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu and navigating the waters of Lake Titicaca. While the popular sites are deservedly Peru’s most famous tourist attractions, the country also boasts fine beaches, quaint fishing villages, epic hiking and walking trails, and the chance to experience a real Amazon adventure.

Most first-time visitors to Peru come to walk the Inca Trail, a famous (typically 4-day) hike to the ‘Lost City of the Incas’, Machu Picchu. However, a little-known fact about Peru is that about 60 percent of the country is covered by thick tropical rainforest. The Peruvian Amazon is lush and steamy, and home to an incredible amount of biodiversity, from large tropical flowers to howler monkeys and majestic jaguars. The two main entry-points, accessible by air, for a holiday in the Peruvian Amazon are Iquitos and Puerto Maldonado. From these cities, tours to isolated and eco-friendly jungle cabins can easily be arranged.

There are many more wonderful sights in Peru, including the mysterious Nazca Lines, the impressive Colca Canyon, the warms sands and surf of Manorca and the wonderful wildlife of the Ballestas Islands. Peru’s capital, Lima, is a little rundown but nevertheless boasts some fine Spanish-colonial architecture and a restaurant scene of international repute.

Ica desert

Machu Picchu

Nazca Plateau

If there’s one place in South America brimming with ruins of ancient civilisations and a wealth of fascinating and awe-inspiring attractions, it’s Peru.

Boasting wonders such as Maccha Pichu, the Colca Canyon, Nazca lines, the Coricancha Inca Ruins and Pisco, it’s no wonder Peru is fast becoming one South America’s most popular tourist destinations.

The best time of year to visit Peru is between March and April when the weather is warm and humidity levels are low.

Getting around Peru is fairly cheap and easy with plenty of internal flights operating on an almost daily basis and an affordable and reliable public transport system. It’s advisable to fly between cities when possible or rent-a-car and explore all this mystical country has to offer yourself.