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The vast frontier of Canada is a land of windswept prairies, towering mountains, fields of glaciers, pristine lakes and rocky coastlines. Filled with diverse wildlife like wolves, moose, bears, eagles and other animals, the Canadian landscape is one of great natural beauty and provides ample opportunity for outdoor sports like hiking, canoeing, fishing, skiing, snowmobiling, and even dog sledding.

Synonymous with wildlife, wilderness and beautiful cities, Canada and the American state of Alaska embrace travellers looking for a little adventure. Whether exploring the Rocky Mountains, sailing past the glaciers of Alaska or unearthing the vibrant nightlife of Montreal you’ll discover a land that captivates, excites and delights.

CN Tower

Moraine Lake

Niagara falls

While the image of Canada in most people’s minds is one of untouched wilderness, Canada’s cities are just as colourful. Whether you’d like to attend a rodeo in Calgary, marvel at the museums in Ottawa, browse the restaurants and art galleries of Toronto’s Distillery District, or have a picnic in Vancouver’s Stanley Park, the cosmopolitan cities spread across Canada offer a range of attractions that will please any traveller.

Canada is often thought of as a poor imitation of the United States, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The famously friendly locals provide a warm welcome to tourists, and anyone heading off to a holiday in Canada will soon discover it has a unique personality all its own.