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8 signs you might be ready to book a holiday...

8 signs you might be ready to book a holiday...

08 Oct 2019
8 signs you might be ready to book a holiday...

1. You can’t remember what it feels like to be hot in the sun

Can you remember what it feels like to be enveloped by the sun on a lounger by the pool? You can’t recreate it by hugging the radiator!

2. You haven’t used your suitcase this year

If it hasn’t left the attic, top of your wardrobe, or under the bed all year – then you can’t have got very far!

3. You slow down whenever you pass a travel agent

When you pass a travel agent you slow down to a snail pace, while your eyes wildly search for a great deal and glimpse at a dream holiday.

4. The sight of other people’s holiday snaps on social media brings on an inner rage

If you see one more “hot dog legs” photo, cocktails on the beach snap or top of a mountain #blessed picture you might throw your phone out of the window!

5. You are struggling to use up your yearly holiday allowance

If it’s been a while since you’ve used up all of your holiday allowance, then you can’t be taking enough holidays! Use it or lose it.

6. You’re not sure your summer wardrobe is still relevant to today’s fashion trends

If it has been a long time since your last holiday, are you wondering if your bikinis or swimming trunks still fit? Are your kaftans now moth-eaten? Do people still wear Victorian bathing suits?!

7. You’ve started to become known as the one who will always be in the office

Your colleagues come and go on their travels, and you are the default person that is listed on their out of office replies, as you never take a day off!

8. Your passport may have expired

If you don’t know where your passport is, whether it is in date, or if your picture is of someone 10 years younger, then you are definitely overdue a trip!

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