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An Explora Cruise from Glasgow to Iceland

An Explora Cruise from Glasgow to Iceland

23 Oct 2023
An Explora Cruise from Glasgow to Iceland

In the latest instalment of our team's travels we hear from Managing Director, Claire...


Claire Moore

Where did you go?

Sailed from Glasgow to Iceland


When did you go?

September 2023


Which operator did you travel with?

Explora Journeys

Bartender on board

What were your top 3 moments?

1. Explora 1 is a brand-new vessel and boarding in Glasgow was absolutely seamless. After being greeted with a glass of champagne, the lobby feels much more like a boutique hotel, setting the tone for the cruise perfectly.

Inside Explora 1

2. The dining options seem endless and one of our most favourites was Sakura, serving pan-Asian cuisine in the most beautiful setting.


3. The variety of intimate outside areas on board ensures that all guests can enjoy the view, in peace and comfort, often with a glass of something delicious to keep you company.

View from the back of the ship   

A reason to return?

Explora Journeys is a brand new offering to the luxury cruise market and is certainly one to watch.

Bar on board