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Enjoy a multigenerational trip this year

Enjoy a multigenerational trip this year

30 Jan 2020
Enjoy a multigenerational trip this year

An emerging trend in the travel sector is multigenerational holidays, and we think during 2020 the popularity for holidays that include everyone from great grandparents down to newborn additions, will only increase.

With work schedules, term dates, and annual events taking up a huge chunk of the year, plus more and more families being separated geographically, the opportunity to come together for family time and bonding can be scarce, so a holiday together makes total sense. It is a great opportunity to spend time together, and parents can benefit from having the grandparents there to (hopefully!) help with the kids.

It can also have financial benefits to go away with more people and split the cost of a villa or holiday cottage.

These kinds of trips are a big undertaking to plan for, so let Peakes Travel Elite help take care of all the details, and keep the experience hassle free for the whole family.

We have a couple of top tips for big family getaways…

Choose your destination wisely

You need to think carefully about where you are all off to. Are the little ones going to manage a long haul flight, and will a spa break leave the kids bored out of their minds?

It is tricky finding something that pleases everyone so start the planning off by finding out what everyone’s key holiday wish is.

For the kids it might be access to a pool or having a beach nearby. For grandparents, it might be an accessible en-suite bathroom or a ground floor room. For parents, they might require enough space so after the kids are in bed, they can enjoy some relaxation time – rather than drinking wine in the dark in a family room!

Once everyone has inputted their “deal breakers” then we can set to work finding something to suit all, hopefully with minimal compromises!

Is it truly a holiday for all?

Although self-catering is a great option for families, it might not provide the break you so desperately need. If the adults in the party want time off from cooking and cleaning, then consider an option where they get looked after as well, so they can enjoy some time off from chores and get to maximise quality time with the kids. The answer could lie in an all-inclusive resort, serviced apartment, or an option of booking your own chef.

Cruises can be a great option that caters for everyone, with activities for children, a vast array of food options, and entertainment. It keeps everyone in the same place, and minimises any hassle travelling between destinations – simply go to sleep and wake up in a new country!

Choosing a holiday with an itinerary reduces how much decision-making is needed on the trip – so there are far less opportunities to disagree on what everyone wants to do!

There are also many adventure holidays catered to families with fixed itineraries, for examples safaris where all the details are taken care of.

If you would like to explore some options for a family break, come and see the team in store in Shrewsbury, or give us a call on 01743 233 234 where we would be happy to talk through your requirements.