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Here to offer reassurance to holidaymakers

Here to offer reassurance to holidaymakers

13 Mar 2020
Here to offer reassurance to holidaymakers

The spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) is understandably causing concern amongst travellers. With the worry of flight cancellations, countrywide lockdowns and international events being postponed, as well as fears of increasing the risk of contracting the virus, holidaymakers have a lot to consider at the moment.

Peakes Travel Elite wants to offer their loyal customers reassurance, and urge customers who want to make travel plans to get in contact so they can discuss their options.

At the time of writing Foreign Office are advising against travel to China, Italy and areas of Spain, the Maldives, Vietnam, Jammu, Kashmir, the Pakistani boarder in India and South Korea.

Claire Moore, managing director at Peakes Travel Elite, said, “This is a very difficult time for people across the globe. We are of course seeing the effects within the travel industry, and it is devastating to see the impact on small businesses in the sector. At Peakes Travel Elite we are here to help customers navigate their travel plans and ease their stress. We have contacted all of our customers with bookings in the next 30 days to update them on the current situation, offer reassurance and talk through their options. We are receiving updates on an hourly basis at the moment, so we are keen to keep our customers with imminent travel plans abreast of the situation.

“We are on hand to help customers make new plans, change current plans, or get a holiday booked in for 2021 to give them something brilliant to look forward to during this dark time. We will always do anything we can to support our fantastic customers.”

Some promising news came with a new insurance initiative. Travel Disruption Insurance Cover is now available which offers enhanced cancellation and curtailment cover for unforeseen events that include pandemic, epidemic or natural disaster. You can add disruption cover on to new policies or existing policies. This covers customers if the FCO advise against travel to your destination or if you are unable to return home on your scheduled date due to disruption outside of your control, including reasonable additional expenses incurred due to not be able to return home as planned.

To speak to one of the Peakes Travel Elite team visit us at our shop on Mardol in Shrewsbury or call 01743 233234.