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Travel to the Dominican Republic this winter

Travel to the Dominican Republic this winter

16 Sep 2019
Travel to the Dominican Republic this winter

With stunning mountain scenery, colonial architecture, beaches galore and some incredible resorts, there’s every reason to love to the Dominican Republic. Whether it’s a first-time visit, or it’s an old-time favourite of yours, there’s always something new to discover. So, take a look at why we think it’s worth a trip there, what will be waiting for you on your arrival and where we recommend you stay.

Beaches, greenery and a rich heritage

There are hundreds of kilometres worth of coastline in the Dominican Republic, and each white-sandy beach offers something different to the next. While some offer gorgeous rows of palms trees and the opportunity to relax, others have dramatic rocks and striking views. There are plenty of secluded bays and coves too – some of which were the temporary homes of migrating humpback whales which has contributed to today’s efforts in preserving and safeguarding the country’s natural heritage.

Beyond the beaches you’ll find cows and horses grazing along the roads, rivers winding their way through jungle and our favourite – gorgeous waterfalls in some of the most remote settings. What’s more, if you’re a keen hiker, the Dominican Republic’s the place for you – there are more peaks here than neighbouring islands, offering incredible views from above!

It’s well worth exploring the local towns while holidaying in the Dominican Republic to get to grips with its rich history and heritage. Beautifully restored monasteries and cobblestone streets are mixed with crumbling gingerbread homes, giving you a sense of its roller-coaster past and scars from previous decades – but visit in carnival time, and you’ll find the local communities are all about celebration and positivity!

Visit the Dominican Republic this winter

The wintertime (mid-December to February) is the perfect time to jet off to the Dominican Republic.  Whilst the weather stays warm all year, temperatures are at their most comfortable in the winter months…and you’ll have more space and choice too! And where to stay, we hear you ask? There are plenty of four and five-star resorts in the Dominican Republic offering an excellent service and opportunity to unwind.

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