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TTG Top 50 Travel Agents 2016 Winner! | Travel Experts

TTG Top 50 Travel Agents 2016 Winner!

18 Jul 2018
TTG Top 50 Travel Agents 2016 Winner!

We are delighted to have won the TTG Top 50 Travel Agents in the Central and East England region, beating over 80 similar firms across this region, ones to which have multiple premises around the country. Being Shrewburys’ only  Family run Travel Agents we are proud to have won this award in this events first year of running.

We were judged by a panel of Travel industry experts and journalists, whom visited our premises, where they focused on the quality of the customers’ experience as well as the level of success the business has achieved.

Competition organiser Pippa Jacks, commented: “Peakes Travel Elite has shown great commitment to the trade by giving good value, concentrating on customer service and organising many customer events, so they really are worthy winners of this industry accolade.”

Frances Peake, said: “We are delighted to be recognised with this prestigious award and it truly is down to a team effort, which highlights our customer service and complete versatility in providing holidays and travel across the whole price range.

“It gives a warm feeling to know that we are doing things right and an added bonus when we get new customers who come in to discuss all aspects of travel, having been recommended by satisfied existing customers.”

On behalf of the whole team we would like to thank all our customers, whether it be new or existing clients, that have helped us achieve this prestigious award. We hope that 2017 is an even greater year, to which we will be celebrating our 25th Anniversary.